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Salvage Breast Surgery and Correction of Problem Results

With evermore patients seeking plastic surgery for the breast, there has been an increase in disappointing results after primary surgery, or complex outcomes experienced many years after procedures have been undertaken. Difficulties can range from asymmetries, poor shape and scar formation, through to long term complications related to silicone implant use, such as distortion, implant rupture, and capsule formation.

A significant part of Mr Searle's work is correction of short and long term difficulties, such cases requiring more than ever very careful preoperative analysis of current problems and potential corrections. Inevitably there are limitations to what can be achieved in some cases, but for many patients thoughtful revisional surgery can be productive.

In all cases, one has to assess the history, and review previous operation details, implant types etc as a valuable part of analysing the problem and preparing possible solutions. Surgical revision procedures require a general anaesthetic procedure and can sometimes take several hours, as tissue envelope, scars, skin, nipple areolar complex, and implants are corrected or adjusted as seen fit.

Mr Searle has a particular interest in this field of surgery, where the blend of aesthetic and reconstructive surgery experience combines in correction of complicated and often disappointing results. All salvage programmes require initial consultation, with good communication and planning sessions prior to surgery taking place. Revisional surgery does potentially carry higher rates of complications such as bleeding, infection, delayed healing, or implant loss, and demands extra care in planning and surgical performance. It is essential to identify the limitations of what can be achieved, and compare those with the expectations of what might be sought, a discussion that forms a significant part of preoperative planning.