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Aesthetic Breast Surgery

Cosmetic or Aesthetic breast surgery is primarily directed at improving appearance in breast shape or size and is undertaken to address fundamental issues of day to day function, comfort and self confidence. Most aesthetic procedures involve general anaesthetic operations, usually taking between one and three hours. Very experienced anaesthetic support is provided for all patients and recovery is generally swift and gentle More complex restructuring surgery can take longer, and procedures demand care and attention rather than haste. Most patients remain in hospital for less than twenty four hours, with a single postoperative night as an inpatient the first step to recovery.

For seven to ten postoperative days the breast is protected by a simple dressing, and patients are encouraged to wear a supportive bra provided by the hospital. The area is kept dry over the first week. Avoidance of driving and exercise complete the basic rules for early recovery.

At outpatient review seven to ten days after surgery the area is inspected, dressings reduced and a sports bra routinely advised. Stitches dissolve or are removed over the next weeks, and there is a return to normal activities as wounds heal. The breast tissues gradually settle over the following weeks with a return to normal activities and exercise. The tissues can take anywhere between one and six months to fully recover, with scar resolution and tissue maturation continuing to improve beyond.

Any decision to pursue surgery is a careful balance of benefits and risks. In undergoing any operation one is exposed to a risk of complications, be they general in nature or specific to the procedure itself. Plastic and aesthetic surgery is designed to achieve high quality outcomes, often from difficult and challenging starting points. There must be a balanced understanding of expectations, limitations and the realities of final results. Surgery must be undertaken to help people blend in, rather than stand out.